Sustainable Design / LEED

Evergreen FrontTo EverGreen Consulting, being greenĀ isn’t just a buzz word– it’s a way of life. Denise and her family built, lived and worked in the first LEED-Gold Certified home in Orlando. As LEED Accredited Professionals, they do their best to live their lives as examples in everything green and to help educate clients, friends and family about how they can minimize their impacts on the environment. As an RLA (Registered Landscape Architect) and LEED AP, Denise has always focused on respecting the earth and giving back to it through good design and proper selection of materials. Almost every project that Denise is involved in has a component of sustainable design.

Below is a list of projects that have specifically involved green design aspects:

Sutainable Design and LEED:
  • Turnpike Service Plaza Master Planning, FL
  • The Evergreen, Winter Park, Florida
  • PBS&J office building, Orlando, Florida

Denise Smith is a LEED AP

Design Guides & Context Sensitive:
  • TxDOT, Austin, Florida
  • Suncoast Parkway 2, FTE, Florida
  • Sarasota MURT, Sarasota, Florida
  • OOCEA landscape design
    • SR408 widening and medians
    • SR 436 and SR 528 interchange landscape
    • Alafaya Trail and SR 408 interchange
Rob Smith with e2 Homes, Inc holds the LEED AP Homes designation

Denise’s husband Rob Smith holds the LEED AP Homes designation

  • Wiese Residence
  • Sauers Residence
  • Price Residence
  • Blumberg Residence
  • Hoover Residence
  • Forster Residence
  • Helman Residence
Homeowner Associations (HOA)
  • Windover Farms