Commercial / Municipal


Master Planning and Land Development

Master Plan EverGreen Consulting understands the importance of planning in today’s world. As a Landscape Architect, Denise is able to blend the many different disciplines involved in planning and developing. Through the use of her skills in context sensitive design as well as her understanding of space, infrastructure, construction, and growth, she is an ideal candidate to develop master plans for communities, trails and parks. The list shown below identifies examples of planning projects that Denise has worked on throughout her career as a Landscape Architect:

Master Planning:
  • Florida Botanical Gardens, Largo, FL
  • Mead Garden, Winter Park, FL
  • Chisholm Park, Osceola County, FL
  • I-Drive, Orlando, FL
  • Nehrling Gardens, Gotha, FL
Planned Unit Developments and Community Planning and Design:
  • Nehrling Gardens, Gotha, FL
  • The Town of Celebration, FL
  • Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL
  • KB Homes, Sharp Property, FL
  • Ridgewood Community, Maitland, FL
  • Baytree Community Development District, Melbourne, FL

Parks, Gardens, and Trails Design

Master Plan EverGreen Consulting prides itself in helping to make our community a greener place to live. Whether that is through the design of new parks and trails or the improvement of existing parks, we understand that green space is the key to the health of a community. Denise has worked on many parks and trails projects over the years. From large to small they all impact their communities and add to the value of adjacent properties. The list below identifies projects that Denise has been involved in during her career as a Landscape Architect:

Parks and Garden Designs:
  • Florida Botanical Gardens, Largo, FL
  • Rodes Park, Melbourne, FL
  • Chisholm Park, Osceola County, FL
  • Daughtery Park, Polk County, FL
  • Celebration Pocket Parks, Celebration FL
  • Baldwin Park Pocket Parks, Orlando, FL
  • Jetta Point Park, Seminole County, FL
  • Bird Key Park, Sarasota, FL
  • Mini Park, Keep Winter Park Beautiful, FL
  • Goldsboro Trail Concept, Sanford, FL
  • Celebration Boardwalk and Trails, FL
  • Suncoast Trail, Suncoast Parkway, FL
  • Withlacoochee Trail, FL
  • Sarasota Multi-Use Recreational Trail, FL
  • Clearwater Beachwalk, Clearwater, FL

Theme Parks & Resorts

The greater Orlando area is home to many resorts and ┬átheme parks. These types of projects are typically very ┬ádemanding and fast paced. Denise has worked with many of the big theme parks (Disney, Universal, Sea World, etc…) throughout her career as a Landscape Architect. Denise understands the importance of creativity and safety for each of these unique projects. Below is a list of projects that Denise has been involved in:

  • Old Key West, Disney, FL
  • Animal Kingdom, Disney, FL
  • Epcot Mission Space, Disney, FL
  • Warner Brothers Theme Park, Abu Dhabi
  • Miami Seaquarium, Miami, FL
  • Sea World, Orlando, FL
  • Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals 6 and 7, Titusville, FL
  • Antigua Resort, Antigua

Urban Design

Entrance RenderingMany of the projects we see today involve urban infill or revitalizing existing urban environments. EverGreen Consulting creatively develops designs that understand the pressures of an urban environment. We strive to design with the understanding of the environment surrounding the project location, while respecting the budgets and the maintenance aspects of the final product. Interpreting local agency codes and design criteria while still maintaining excellent design is a big part of making each of these projects a success. Denise has worked on several urban design projects ranging from offices and multifamily developments to streetscapes and downtown redevelopments – a list of these projects is shown below:

Streetscapes and Multi-Family:
  • Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL
  • Celebration, FL
  • Ridgewood, Maitland, FL
  • OOCEA, FDOT, Orlando, FL
  • Crystal Lake Drive, Orlando, FL
  • Clearwater Beachwalk, Clearwater, FL
  • Canadian Court, Orlando, FL
  • Oriole Homes, Celebration, FL
  • Centerline Home, Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL
Offices and Commercial Buildings:
  • Phil Kean Designs, Winter Park, FL
  • PBS&J Office Building, Orlando, FL
  • TTA toll Authority, Austin, TX
  • OOCEA Headquarters Building, Orlando, FL
  • Baldwin Park Sales Center, Orlando, FL
  • US Customs Building, Orlando, FL
  • Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals 6 & 7, Titusville, FL
  • Turnpike Head Quarters, Turkey Lake, Orlando, FL